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top 5 harry moments


  • WALKING TO THE FOREST TO DIE everything from harry waking up in dumbledore’s office to voldemort killing him is just exquisite — harry’s realisation that dumbledore had been grooming him for death and harry being hyperaware of his own body, “brain and nerve and bounding heart” is all so gorgeous and sad and wonderful, and he’s so brave. HE’S SO BRAVE. I’M SO FUCKING SAD IT’S BEEN 7 YEARS
  • destroying dumbledore’s office i love this scene because after 4 books of harry keeping shit to himself and sitting on his feelings you get lots of minor, small explosions post-cedric dying and then THIS, it’s a NUCLEAR BOMB OF ANGER and it’s so satisfying to read but also the most painful thing in the world, ever
  • politely asking the sphinx to move, please this cracks me up every time. if someone was like show me ONE THING that DEFINES harry james potter AS A HUMAN AND A CHARACTER i would show them this scene. life-threatening wizard competition. dangerous magical creature. “can you move, please?” my son
  • torturing amycus after he spit on mcgonagall this means A Lot to me because harry just straight up crucios that fucker without any hesitation or warm-up and puts so much feeling behind it. anything where harry is morally grey is my favourite because he’s The Saviour and the Master of Death and it’s like yeah, and he just crucio’d a dude so hard he flew across the room and passed out
  • "you don’t have to call me ‘sir’, professor" any scene where harry backchats snape is fantastic but i distinctly remember reading this scene and being like OOOHHHH OOOOOHHHH SICK BUUURRNNNN OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH


(Sirius Black at 2am in the Gryffindor dormitory)


get to know me meme: [7/8] relationships  finn hudson & rachel berry
I had it all planned out. I was gonna make it big on Broadway and maybe make a Woody Allen movie. And then when we were ready, I would just, come back and he’d be teaching here and I’d walk through those doors and I would just say ‘I’m home’ and then we would live happily ever after.
Towards the end of the day he [Andrew] was signing The Amazing Spider-Man DVDs for the children, when he picked up Rylees and wrote, ‘I hope one day we get to hug.’ The little girl surprised everyone when they told her the actor was leaving. She was prompted to give him a high-five before he left but instead followed it up by running into his arms and giving him the hug he was hoping for.  - Andrew Garfield in Sydney (March 21, 2014)

"'You go too far!' shouted Scrimgeour, standing up; Harry jumped
to his feet too. Scrimgeour limped toward Harry and jabbed him
hard in the chest with the point of his wand: It singed a hole in
Harry’s T-shirt like a lit cigarette.
‘Oi!’said Ron, jumping up and raising his own wand, but Harry
‘No! D’you want to give him an excuse to arrest us?’"

- Whenever Harry Potter is threatened, Ron Weasley is the first one to jump up, whether it be on a broken leg to dare what he thought was a mass murderer or in defiance of the Minister of Magic himself. Good thing he’s not a good friend, though, huh? (via simplypotterheads)


Sometimes I think about what rad parents James and Lily would have been… *sniffles* :’)
Available as a mini print here.


Sometimes I think about what rad parents James and Lily would have been… *sniffles* :’)

Available as a mini print here.